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​Law and Regulations Concerning the Importation, Exportation, Transit, Transhipment and Storage of Goods as They Relate to Customs Duties, Charges and Other Taxes
Laws and Regulations Relating to the Rates of Duty Not Otherwise Included Under Category 2 (Item Ii of Article 13(2) of the ATIGA), Taxes or Other Charges (e.g., Customs Surcharges, Additional Taxes and Charges, Customs Fees and Charges on Imports)
​Laws and Regulations Relating to Requirements, Restrictions or Prohibitions on Imports or Exports, Transit Goods or Transhipment (e.g., Licensing, Quotas, Prohibitions and Quantity Control Measures)
Law and Regulation Relating to Requirement, Restrictions or Prohibitions on the Transfer of Payments for Imports or Export, Transit Goods or Transhipment
Law and Regulations Affecting​ the Sale, Distribution, Transportation, Insurance, Warehousing Inspection, Exhibition, ​Processing, Mixing or Other Use of Imports or Exports, Good in Transit and Transhipment
Domestic Electronic Commerce-Related Laws and Regulations



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